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The Truth about Home Heating Oil Tanks

There are 8.1 million American households heating their homes each autumn and winter with home heating oil. That means each of the homes in which these people live has a home heating oil tank which is used to store the oil. Simple enough … but, all home heating oil tanks are not alike.

If you’ve never owned or needed to own a home heating oil tank before, but need one now or expect to need one soon … or you just want to know more about them – you’ve reached the right page. Home heating oil tanks are not complicated to learn about … to use … or to understand. They are, however, important, especially to the people living in the 8.1 million households that use oil to heat their homes.

Home Heating Oil TanksThere are two types of Home Heating Oil Tanks – UST Tanks (Underground Storage Tanks) and AST Tanks (Above-Ground Storage Tanks). AST Tanks tend to be smaller than their UST counterparts and are most often used by private homeowners. AST Tanks generally are able to hold up to 275 gallons of home heating oil.

That may sound significant, but it is actually quite modest. Homes with tanks of that size need to re-fill with home heating oil shipments about four or five times each winter season. If the winter is very cold, worse than normal, the number of re-fills may increase.

Since home heating oil prices fluctuate and can rise based on a number of factors, including demand, a very cold winter can be very costly for the family that heats its home with oil, not gas. Nevertheless, the consumer who uses oil has no choice. He/she either pays the price, no matter how costly, or his/her family spends the long winter freezing and very unhappy.

UST Tanks are more often found in larger commercial properties or in bigger private single family homes. As their name implies, they are underground and out of sight, but they are also larger than their AST Tank cousins. They hold more oil, sometimes a lot more oil. In fact, a UST Tank can easily be large enough o hold one thousand gallons of home heating oil … or more.

With UST Tanks, deliveries for re-fills occur less frequently, of course, but each individual shipment, when it comes, is more expensive, for the obvious reason … the consumer is able to buy more oil for his larger tank. And, the more he/she buys … the larger the bill. Call it simple math.

At one time, all Home Heating Oil tanks were constructed of steel. That is no longer the case. Steel has a tendency to corrode over time and must be refurbished or replaced. The older steel tanks had a useful lifespan of about fifteen to twenty years before corrosion advanced to such a degree that replacement became essential.

But tanks are expensive … a budget-breaker for the average homeowner, especially when they need to be replaced every fifteen years or so. That’s why modern Home Heating Oil Tanks are now available in more rugged and durable plastic compounds that don’t corrode and do last longer.

If you’re thinking of buying a new Home Heating Oil Tank or replacing one you currently have – think plastic!

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